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Sonrise RV is family owned and operated since 1987. We provide service and repair on most types and brands of RV's. Our store has a large selection of parts and we also sell accessories. We are here to help you with your RV needs. We offer discounts to active and retired military, police and firemen.


Looking for good service and fair pricing? You’ve come to the right place. We are committeed to providing service with integrity. Click on the services tab for a list of examples.

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Sonrise RV is family owned and operated since 1987

Sonrise RV

RTjennifer johnson

This place is great! 1st time visit. The guy at the front parts desk was so helpful & nice. The guy at the service desk was awesome! Such a sweet man. Made my day! Fairly priced place

Nick Wagner

Excellent service! kind and courteous staff. They remained in touch with me during the entire service cycle. They are also extremely thorough and helped educate me on maintaining my trailer.

Emery Smith

Great group of people ready to help your RV needs.

Tom Keene

Outstanding, have been using Sonrise RV for repairs and parts for 15 years plus. Best people on earth Father and Sons are great people, hire great help and produce best work and advice and parts of any SD county RV PARTS AND REPAIR SERVICE

Della and Emery Smith

Great service with a long reputation of quality work.

Tim Marusich

Great bunch of guys, who really care about service!

Noah Wieder

Had a roof leak near my skylight. Got a quote of $1050 to reseal the entire roof as it was "bad". Picked up my coach and the bill was more than 20% over quoted as they used almost 40% more caulking than they estimated and charged $11 per tube for what I can buy online for $7.00. Plus they charge $120 for labor. I get the labor charge for intricate work like engines, refrigeration, generators, electrical, engineering, etc.. but to $120/hr for 8.4 hours of scraping off and reapplying caulk? They claim they have a lot of experience and that's why they used so much (to ensure it doesn't leak again for years). How could they underestimate so much with so much experience? The caulking is so thick and heavy that I'm concerned that next time it needs to be removed the charge will be higher due to all the removal that will be required. It's more than double what was up there originally. Then they tried to charge me $240 for estimating other work which I declined on another part and they never told me there would be a charge when they called to give me prices. They reluctantly removed it from my bill but gave me a stern warning that "if you bring your coach here and ask us to look at something, just know there is a fee attached". Ok, just know that the law says you need to tell me how much something is going to cost before I approve the charge. You can't surprise a customer with undisclosed fees and expect payment.

Response to Owner:
Never got notified of your refund offer. Not sure why I would need to come in to get a refund. It's a 45 minute drive each way. You have my address on my receipt, why not send me a check?

Glenn Sanders

Super friendly and informative

Michael Northup

Great service great staff. Very friendly

Pierre Maudet

I stopped by to buy a water pump and had some questions about my fridge. This is my first truck camper so I am not aware of many stuff...JR spent 20 minutes with me, looking at my fridge, explaining everything and giving me some useful advices. Super nice guys with good advices.

Josh Hansen

Great shop for rv parts and repair, knowledgable staff.

Eric G

If you need something for your RV this is the place to go

Joice Denman

Great people keep u updated on ur rig fare prices it's r new found RV repair shop

Reynaldo Gonzalez

Affordable and very helpful

Dave Todd

Very helpful and friendly staff

Jenny Root

This is a fantastic store and repair shop. The people here love Jesus and it shows. No one is perfect, but God shines through the character, integrity and love the staff have for their customers.

Don is a wonderful man. He can be busy, which is good, but he will take time to care, even on his busiest day.

I went there yesterday with an unexpected problem. With no appointment and late on the day of New Years Eve, Don told me he was behind on getting the jobs finished for the day. However he allowed me ten minutes to look at the problem - and they fixed it! Didn't even charge me!!!

My daughter is a singer and she blessed them with a lovely rendition of The Lord's Prayer. He was very touched. (:

Thanks everyone! You're the best. I will definitely keep on using your services.

Jim Fowler

I chose Sonrise RV because I saw their ad in the Escondido RV newsletter.
I needed to get a new hot water heater installed in my RV, and when I called they said they could get me in the very next morning. I was totally surprised.
My experience at Sonrise RV was excellent. JR in the service department was personable and helpful, honest and straight-forward. I would recommend him to anyone needing RV repair.
Thank you.

T Russell Jr

They are very very honest people. They do great work and will work with you. They have another customer for life. Happy Camping

Kent Carruthers

Had a great experience at Sunrise RV, JR is awesome! I was considering buying a used RV and called Sunrise to see if they did RV inspections. I spoke to JR and he was incredibly straight forward and honest. He gave me excellent advice and even offered to do a quick inspection at no charge. I brought the RV to Sunrise and JR spent a good 1/2 hour with me going over the whole RV, even up on the roof, and answering all my questions. JR gave me some great tips and great referrals and really helped me to make my decision with purchasing the coach. All this at absolutely no cost!! I did wind up buying the coach and will definitely be bringing it in for a full service at Sunrise. Thank you so much JR, you have a customer for life with that kind of service.

Lissa Woodall

Very helpful and honest.

Steve Sultany

For replacing windshields, troubleshooting electrical systems, fixing refrigerator and repairing slide-outs, they have a staff of experienced guys who know what they are doing. Their prices are fair and they have been helpful in giving advice (and materials) for the simpler do-it-yourself repairs. Yes they are busy . . . .just like good restaurants!

Robert Parker

Viet clerk could not have been nicer. That man is worth his weight in gold.

Jeran Fraser

An excellent place to purchase RV products or have your RV serviced. I had a great experience at Sonrise RV. Their employees are super friendly. They do excellent work and everyone seems to have a smile on their face. If you want an environment without the sales pitch, I highly recommend Sonrise RV.

Jesse Wattson

Had what I needed right away.

Earl Herr

Good customer service and parts selection!

jason blake

Very nice and knowledgeable!

Ed Dunn

We've been parts customers of Sonrise RV for several years. Unfortunately, their customer service has really gone downhill. I think they need a wake up call that you need to treat customers as valued assets, not inconveniences.

Luis Vargas

The staff is great! always very helpful and friendly.

Dave Anderson

I've been to Sonrise 3 times to buy parts, and each time was a bad experience. The parts representative asked me if he could help me find anything, and then began complaining when I asked him one question about his product. The next visit it was the same thing, culminating with "Do you want to pay me $5,000 an hour 365 days a year to answer technical questions about your RV? I don't think so."

Then after making me wait while he finished a personal phone call, he took a customer call and cut that one short. After that one he talked disparagingly about that customer before continuing to "help" me with my purchase. Not very "Son" like!

Robert Caffey

I am on my third motorhome and after being throughly disgusted with dealerships and Campingworld I started looking for an alternative. Twenty years ago I needed some bodywork and I found Sonrise RV my bodywork job was perfect.
For the last 20 yrs Sonrise RV & JR have given me HONEST top shelf advice, quality service and FAIR pricing.

When you call for an appointment give them some lead time they are always busy.

Estee Marek

Very helpful, thoughtful staff

craig frankenbergerSr.

after looking for help doing my own rv roof repair, not one shop I had been to would give me the time of day until I went to sonrise rv! they actually gave up the secrets to rubber roof repair which I'm forever great full to them for. I'm not sure if it was the owner or not but a fella took me in the back and showed/explained how and what I needed to do the job, and I'll tell you, up until that point I was totally lost with what I "thought" I should do. So thanks sonrise, the job turned out great!!

Respectfully, Craig Sr.

Doug Sigler

The fuel tank on the MH was almost full - 60+ Gallons. When first talking to Sonrise they said they had to take the gas out buy had no place to store it but 3 5gallon gas cans. I would have to empty the tank before coming in. I didn't want to waste the gas by driving around so I asked if I purchased a 55gal drum for Sonrise to pump the gas into, would they do that? They agreed. So I delivered the MH and my new 55gal drum. Next day they called me and said they only got 30 or so gallons out of the tank & the fuel indicator showed over half a tank. Did I want them to replace the sending unit as well? additional parts and labor. I said no because I knew how much gas was in there because I had filled it a few weeks earlier. They suggested I didn't know because someone could have taken gas out - the unit is parked in my back yard behind a locked gate. I knew how much gas it had. No other phone calls other then it was done. Oh, and that I had two leveling jacks that are leaking and can't be repaired. Did I want Sonrise to replace the 2 jacks? I said no because I had just used the jacks two weeks earlier when we had family stay in the MH over Christmas. No signs of leaking on my concrete pad where I park the MH. I wanted to check it out for myself first.
When I picked up the MH, so much fluid had leaked out of the levelers that the jacks down buzzer was going off the entire trip home. They didn't offer to to put some in to stop the buzzing just gave me a hand shake and "Good luck brother!" I replaced the fluid and no problems after that. Did they use the leveler to lift the MH high enough to work under it? Lifting it over their limit and mfgr warnings. Don't think I'll ever know the truth.
After getting it home I checked and sure enough, poor work. The new fuel line was just dangling under the motorhome and they had forgotten to tighten the hose clamps around the fuel fill and vent. Could have been a real mess when I put more fuel back in!
2/9/2014 Update: The owner of Sonrise contacted me and said he was embarrassed after reading my review. They have been in business for 20+ years by standing behind their work and products. He refunded me the cost of the repair and after talking with him on the phone I will try Sonrise in the future if I need work done on my RV.

corie Yan




Phil Tain

Thank you, Phil, for taking you time and giving us a review! Much appreciated.

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Paul Northrup

Seth Hohn

Kathy Casanova

"Committed to Providing Service with Integrity"
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